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How to build resilience during challenging times

The coronavirus pandemic is sparking a nationwide mental-health crisis. In this episode, Dr. Nate Klemp returns to discuss simple techniques to be more resilient and improve our emotional health during a crisis. Nate explains how our physiological reaction impacts our emotional health and shares strategies to improve our responses, including mindfulness and meditation. The episode wraps up with a 5-minute guided meditation.

Season two highlights

Don’t miss some of our favorite moments from the second season of To Health With It. In this wrap-up edition, Brad Lawson sits down with executive producer Amanda Boatright to share some of the stand-out topics discussed with leading experts throughout the season’s 11 episodes. They also cover their key takeaways from the show’s diverse guests, a few unexpected surprises, and some memorable moments.

Securing your financial well-being

Nearly 1 in 3 workers run out of money before payday—even those earning over $100,000 a year. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Enrichetta Ravina to explore why so many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and what we can do to address it. We’ll discuss different strategies both employers and employees can take to improve their current financial well-being. We also dive into ways employees can better prepare for the future, including those large, unexpected expenses.

How lifestyle medicine can transform employee health

Did you know that most medical students and physicians do not receive a significant amount of nutrition and physical activity training? In this episode, we talk with Dr. Dexter Shurney about lifestyle medicine, what distinct value it offers patients, and how everyday choices we make can be a positive influence on our health. We’ll also discuss the difference between preventive and lifestyle medicine and why traditional “preventive” medicine may not prevent chronic disease.

A new way of treating anxiety and panic attacks

Did you know that a whopping 11% of American adults experienced a panic attack in the past year? In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Bob Cuyler to discuss the effectiveness of existing treatment options for people who suffer from anxiety and PTSD and the promising results from a new digital solution. We also discuss compelling science behind the body’s physiological response to panic and the surprising impact that these conditions can have on the American workforce, their employers and medical costs.

How to make healthy changes that last

It’s a New Year, and for many people it includes resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of those same goals will be abandoned by February. We want to flip the script, so in this episode, we talk with sustainable behavior change scientist, Dr. Michelle Segar. We discuss the science behind what motivates people and how you can make lasting changes. We also dig into why people stop doing things that are good for them, why short-term motivators are important and the latest recommendations for physical activity.

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