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A new way of treating anxiety and panic attacks

Did you know that a whopping 11% of American adults experienced a panic attack in the past year? In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Bob Cuyler to discuss the effectiveness of existing treatment options for people who suffer from anxiety and PTSD and the promising results from a new digital solution. We also discuss compelling science behind the body’s physiological response to panic and the surprising impact that these conditions can have on the American workforce, their employers and medical costs.

How to make healthy changes that last

It’s a New Year, and for many people it includes resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of those same goals will be abandoned by February. We want to flip the script, so in this episode, we talk with sustainable behavior change scientist, Dr. Michelle Segar. We discuss the science behind what motivates people and how you can make lasting changes. We also dig into why people stop doing things that are good for them, why short-term motivators are important and the latest recommendations for physical activity.

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