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Overcoming Hurdles: From Academic Research to Market Solutions

In recent years, healthcare technology has significantly grown in popularity thanks to wearable tech and health management apps, but are they effective? In this episode we sit down with Dr. Gary Bennett and discuss the challenges of bridging the gap between science and the commercial world to create new health products and services that work. We’ll talk about the major challenges the research industry faces when they attempt to convert their findings into applied technology for the corporate wellness industry. We’ll also discuss what it takes to balance the digital touch with the human touch when it comes to health management.

Why Addressing Obesity Should Be a Family Affair with Thea Runyan and Joanna Strober

Obesity often impacts more than just an individual. In fact, the most successful weight loss strategies involve developing healthy habits for the whole family. In this podcast episode we talk with Joanna Strober and Thea Runyan, founders of the mobile coaching app Kurbo. We’ll discuss their journey of taking an evidence-based weight-loss program and digitizing it to reach a broader audience--helping more families develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

How Staying Active Can Decrease Your Cancer Risk with Dr. Katie Schmitz

Research has suggested a strong connection between obesity and cancer. In this episode we sit down with Dr. Katie Schmitz, Professor of Public Health Sciences, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Penn State, and President of the American College of Sports Medicine. We'll discuss how obesity affects cancer risk. We’ll also cover how staying active can lower your risk while improving outcomes for some cancer patients.

Addressing Hidden Costs of the Working Caregiver with Carl Hirschman

We sit down with Carl Hirschman, CEO and Founder of CareTree, to talk about what caregiver burden is and how it challenges today’s workforce. We’ll discuss why most caregivers don’t see themselves as actual “caregivers” and learn about the struggles of the “sandwich generation.” We'll also dive into how information connectivity can empower caregivers and how employers can support their caregiving employees.

Managing Pain Without Drugs with Dr. Phil Page

Is more medication really the best way to manage your pain? We chat with Dr. Phil Page about how evidence-based, drug-free pain management could change a person’s health for the better. In this episode, we’ll cover the different types of drug-free pain management and their benefits, why it isn’t more widely applied, and why physical therapy is often a good place to start.

How IBS is Unexpectedly Impacting the Workplace with Danny Bernstein

Did you know that over 30 million Americans suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and 70% of these sufferers are between the ages of 25 and 55? In this episode, we sit down with Danny Bernstein, Founder of metaME Health, to talk about GI-related conditions and how they influence employee health, productivity, and happiness. We’ll discuss the difference between Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, how diet plays a role in symptom management and how IBS/IBD is costing U.S. employers. Danny sheds light on his own personal experience and what companies like MetaMe are doing to help people struggling with these conditions.

Are Breastfeeding Moms Getting the Right Support? with Dr. Joanna Buscemi

According to the CDC, low breastfeeding rates in the U.S. add over $3 billion a year to medical costs for the mother and child. Breastfeeding can mitigate these costs by reducing risk of hypertension and breast cancer in mothers, as well as encouraging obesity prevention and immunity for babies. If breastfeeding is so beneficial, why are only one in four infants exclusively breastfed as recommended at 6 months? Today we sit down with Dr. Joanna Buscemi, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at DePaul University, to talk about the current issue of Breastfeeding, its benefits for mother, child, and employer, and the many challenges of being a breastfeeding mother in the workplace.

Social Determinants of Health: Is Your Zip Code as Important as Your Genetic Code? with Dr. Tucker-Seeley

Is your zip code as important as your genetic code? We sit down with Dr. Reginald Tucker-Seeley, Assistant Professor of Gerontology at the University of Southern California to talk about the Social Determinants of Health and how where you live has a substantial impact on your health. We'll also dig into how to properly design health interventions around the social determinants of health and how community health and workplace health are related.

Is Sitting Really the New Smoking? with Dr. Jeff Vallance

In recent years various news outlets have published articles about how sitting’s negative side effects rival those of smoking. Today, we sit down with Dr. Jeff Vallance to discuss the question everyone is asking: is sitting really the new smoking? Dr. Vallance is an is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University and has published definitive research on this topic. In this episode, we’ll dive into the risks of being sedentary, ways to mitigate the negative side effects of sitting, and the risks of comparing sitting to smoking.

Cross-training Your Mind with Dr. Nate Klemp - Part 2

In part two, we continue the conversation with Dr. Nate Klemp about neuroplasticity and maximizing your brain power. In this episode we’ll cover integrated meditation practice, tackling your feelings of burnout, and Nate’s journey to learn more about the mind.

Cross-training Your Mind with Dr. Nate Klemp - Part 1

Dr. Nate Klemp, NYTimes bestselling author of the book Start Here and founder of Life XT, believes in exercising our minds the same way we exercise our bodies. In this episode we sit down with him to discuss the power of neuroplasticity in people of all ages, the importance of keeping employee minds healthy, and why fitting meditation into your life could be easier than you think.

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